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You are visiting the website of the  Signal Transduction and Agricultural Microbiology Group at the Microbiology Department of the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada, Baja California. We study soil bacteria with a holistic approach, within multiple dimensions, from the molecular reductionism of membrane sensors and two-component transcriptional regulation systems, through the individual isolation and study of single species of Plant growth-promoting bacteria, up to the ecological level with the characterization of microbial populations associated to agricultural soil. 


Like bacteria, we thrive through collaboration and work hard to achieve a dynamic and harmonic interaction between members of our workgroup, and by engaging with our colleagues from Ensenada, México, and the world. We are the first Max Planck Partner Group stablished in México.


Please visit the corresponding sections so you can read about our current projects and research interests, meet the members of our team, and access our publications. You can also read the latest news from the lab, learn about our mentorship statements and requirements for prospective students, or contact us. 


We are firmly committed against bullying, sexual harassment, gender bias, and discrimination in science. We take all complaints seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy, we will follow through all institutional and legal channels if required.


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Dr. Edgardo Sepúlveda

Transducción de Señales y Microbiología Agrícola


Ensenada, Baja California, México

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